Philippine online shopping trends revealed

Nikkei has revealed Philippine online shopping trends, comparing local behaviour with that of other Asian populations.

Young Filipinos spend more than eight hours online every day – greater than the 5.6 hours of Chinese users and roughly double the 4.2 hours for Japanese, according to the recently-conducted Nikkei survey.

Nearly half of young people in Asia shop online at least once a week, with purchases ranging from water and toilet paper to cosmetics and home appliances. The percentage of online shoppers rose 5.7 points from the previous survey in November 2014.

The findings highlight how quickly the eCommerce environment is improving in Asia due to a rising number of smartphone users, better internet connections and more convenient delivery options.

Young consumers in nine out of the 10 countries said smartphones is their most wanted purchase over the next three years.

Smartphones did not top the list in the Philippines where cars were the most desired object.

Computers, cars, traveling abroad and traveling domestically rounded out the overall list of what respondents wanted the most.

Nikkei’s online survey, conducted from late February through mid-March, covers a 2000 consumers in their 20s, in 10 capitals and major cities in Asia.


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