Pie Tops make pizza orders a ‘shoe-in’

Ordering a pizza has stepped up a notch with new “Pie Tops” sneakers being launched by fast-food chain Pizza Hut.

It is just a matter of the wearer pressing a special button on the tongue of the shoe. This makes a connection with a Pie Topps app, which then arranges to have a pizza delivered to the wearer wherever they are via geolocation technology.

Dreamed up by advertising agency Droga5, the limited-edition shoes were made by US customised sneaker expert Dominic Chambrone, known as “The Shoe Surgeon”. Alas, they are unlikely to find their way to Hong Kong any time soon.

Pie tops = pizza hut

“This is one of those ideas that as soon as we saw it, we wanted to buy it,” says Pizza Hut VP of media and advertising David Daniels.

The shoes are part of a two-month online ordering promotion for Pizza Hut, and tie in with the March Madness national basketball event in the US. As there are 64 teams in the field for the event, only 64 pairs of the shoes have been made.

These are being given out to media members and influencers mainly, reports industry magazine Adweek, which says only a few Pizza Hut regulars are likely to score a pair.

There is no word on who foots the bill for the pizza deliveries.


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