Shoppers can create bespoke clothing online real-time

New online made-to-order clothing shop Frilly allows customers to create bespoke clothing and see the effect in real-time.

According to Springwise, the independent, innovation publisher, which scans the globe for the most promising innovations and new business ideas, Frilly is “an alternative for those who don’t want cookie-cutter clothing”. Unsurprisingly, it uses digital tools to transform a traditional service.

Los Angeles-based Frilly allows customers to choose a piece of clothing and then customise almost everything about it – from hem length and color to material and style.

Frilly co-founders Jeni Ni and Shangwei Ding were inspired to start the business while out shopping one afternoon. The pair realised that there was always one aspect of every garment that they were not happy with. They realised that if they could devise a system that would allow people to change those nagging details, then customers could be completely happy with every purchase.

It took the pair three years designing the 3D simulation software to bring their dream to life. The Made to Measure Service uses an advanced AI algorithm to tailor garments to a client’s unique measurements. Customers choose and customise their pieces online, which are then handed over to a designer to create.

As each variable is changed online, Frilly’s proprietary software allows the customer to see the effect in real-time on screen. A model gallery and a pop-up window provides recommendations from the designer, and demonstrates how to adjust each piece to achieve the exact look the customer wants, as well as offering a 360 degree view of the item’s details – from draping to the weave and texture of the fabric.

Frilly’s made-to-order model also reduces waste and over-buys. Fabrics are chemical-free and the company is also committed to offering sustainable options, such as the use of recycled fabrics.


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